TPG #28 Whats In My Gear Bag

We all have a ton of gear. In this show I will talk to you about what I carry on every shoot.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Question – when you shoot weddings, do you ever use studio lights (monolights) for the formal shots?

    In the past (film days) I have shot 35-50 weddings, all with studio lights.

    My game plan is to begin to shoot weddings, again, in 2014, always using a studio light to the right of the camera? My wedding prices will be about $800 for 3 hours and up, until I can build my digital portfolio up again. Most of my wedding party sizes will be 8-18 people so I don’t need 1000 w/s units. I am thinking of buying 1 ALien Bee 1600 or two ALien Bee 800s. Any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      We did use lighting in the past really only trying once. I have found that it takes to much time to tear down the lighting and move onto the reception. Now I do use a speedlight normally on camera using bounce flash. Today I shoot with a Nikon D600 and I can use cray high ISO’s so I don’t need much lighting. I don’t know how you will find many weddings that only last 3 hours? We normally shoot for 8-10 hours and charge $2,500.00. Last the Alien Bee lights are really nice and I know a lot of people using them. Best of luck and thanks for the question. I am going to add this to the show. Take care.

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