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Meet the Writing Team

Kevin LJ

Professional Photographer

Kevin Landwer-Johan is a self-taught photographer with a depth of experience he loves to share with others.

Kevin started in photography working at a daily newspaper (the Auckland Star) in his native New Zealand in the late 1980s. He worked for many years as a newspaper photographer, also as sole photographer for two of central Auckland's Suburban Newspapers before starting his own freelance business where he engaged in commercial, editorial, wedding and portrait photography.

In 2002 Kevin moved to northern Thailand. Here he worked as a photographer and video producer. Most of his work was to provide photos and videos to help support the work of various non-profit organisations working among the rural poor communities.

Since 2014 Kevin and his wife have taught photography workshops. These are now based at their rural home where they also offer bed and breakfast accommodation. Kevin has branched into online teaching and photography writing. He has published two books and is currently editing a third book.

Kevin loves to photograph people. He has a portable daylight studio he takes to villages of Northern Thailand to create studio portraits of people. This was inspired by the work of American photographer Irving Penn. He also makes photomontages. He began making these in the 1980s after watching a short documentary about British artist David Hockney working in this style of photography.

The Latest from Kevin LJ

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