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Business Coaching & Mentoring

Smart prides itself on delivering comprehensive 1 to 1 mentoring and guidance for photographers of all abilities. Once you have completed the the beginner photography classes it’s time to head on over to our mentoring page to find out more about the mentoring service included as part of the Smart course.

One of the most important parts of the mentoring is business mentoring. Many of our students goals are to learn photography and turn their hobby into a career.

Our photography business mentoring is designed to help take you and your business from initial set up to a successfully run studio. We are here to advise you in any way we can by offering support from photographers that have been there and done it.

Continue reading below to see how our Smart Mentoring can help you.

photography student being mentored by smart photo course tutor

Goals & Vision

One of the fundamental aspects of starting your photography business is setting goals and defining your own vision.

Everyone has different ideas on where they want their business to go and we are here to guide you towards achieving your goals. Whether your ambitions include winning photography awards, earning a good financial salary or creating one of the worlds biggest photography studios, we are here to help with mentors that have experience in all aspects of photography business.

Brand Identity

Developing the right look and feel for your brand is of vital importance. Using the goals set we can help you create something you love that is perfect for your specific needs and requirements.

Whether you need advice using photoshop/illustrator or feedback on your current logos and branding we can coach you to the perfect business.

Workflow & Logistics

Workflow and Logistics tend to be considered the boring parts of running most businesses, however, we believe they are just as important as taking the actual photos. Why you ask? Well having the perfect workflow means you can spend more time doing what you love, taking photos.

We are here to coach you to workflow perfection. A fully automated plan developed and created with your needs in mind will allow you to make the most of your time ensuring your images market themselves.

Our editing workflow suggestions can be tailored to your specific requirements taking you from camera to payment in the blink of an eye. At the same time it will ensure everything you do is safely and securely backed up.

Websites & Social Media

Every photography studio needs a point of sale. A shop window to help show off the amazing photos you will learn to take while on the Smart course.

We will work together to decide which area to focus your time on, whether that’s a website that drives sales, a facebook page that engages with potential customers or a instagram feed that shows off your personality and imagery. Every medium has its place and we can help you create a sales funnel that works for you and your business.

Marketing Methods

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Everything at the end of the day is about generating enquiries about your photography. Especially if you want your photography business to be your full time job.

Our mentors have been through it all, learning new and innovative ways to help drive leads and sales to their own business. All are skilled in various methods of marketing and will help put into place a marketing strategy for your business. Whether you are fully online or running your own studio we believe we can help you grow your business.

Sales Approach

There is no point having the perfect marketing strategy if you aren’t able to covert those leads into hard sales.

Our sales advice can be adjusted around your marketing strategy meaning you get the best help for your specific business needs. Our goal is simple, to coach you into a position of strength and help you grow your business right from the start.

Dealing with Customers

The customer is always right. Actually this isn’t true but they definitely need to believe they are.

Dealing with your customers is important, a happy customer can help with photography recommendations helping you achieve more sales. They can spread the word about your work and help you continue on course to developing your own business.

Our 1 to 1 mentoring coaching will help you put into place a procedure that ensures all customer requirements are dealt with in the best possible way and in the most effective manor. Customer relations are a vital part of your business.

Legals & Accounting

Legals and accounting are important parts of every photography business and while we don’t always like to do them they are crucial to ensuring you run a safe, well organised and compliant business. From insurance needs to accounting advice we can help you get set up and running meaning your business is run cost effectively.

Running your own photography business brings about many challenges that can’t always be pre planned. Our 24.7 photography business coaching will be there whenever you need it whatever the problem. We believe we can help you wherever you need us as our mentors have been through it all.

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