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Aswell as all the amazing features we have throughout the course
we also understand that our main selling point is 2 fold. Our anything but basic online photography course
combined with our amazing 1on1 Mentoring program. With these two core features you can
learn everything about photography.

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Coming Soon to Smart.

One of the best things about Smart is it’s ever evolving
online learning platform. We are constantly adding new modules,
features and benefits to the course. Below is a list of the soon to come features.

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Release Dates

February 2018 – New Car Photography Tips & Tricks Roundup

An in-depth look and round up of ways to improve your car photography including a list of inspirational car photographers plus top tips on taking your imagery to the next level.

February 2018 – What is Photography Vignetting and how to use it

One of photography’s most used effects with background information on how to achieve the look in both post production and in camera.

To vignette or not to vignette? That is the question.

May 2018 – Bespoke Module Addition – Add introduction questionnaire

We are currently working hard on improving how the course interactiveness with you allowing the course to aligned with your specific requirements and wants.

Part of this process is to introduce a welcome questionnaire. The welcome questionnaire will form part of a system that promotes specific learning content based on your answers.

The welcome questionnaire is aiming to be launching in May 2018.

August – 2018 – Smart Platform Relaunch

Smart is always looking to keep with the times when it comes down to our site look and brand.

In August we plan to launch Smart 2.0 beginning with a brand new website look and feel.

This refresh won’t initially change the way you interact with the platform but will eventually form part of the much bigger Smart 2.0 idea.

December 2018 – New Dashboard Launch

Again forming part of the Smart 2.0 ideology we will be launching a brand new dashboard.

The dashboard will be built around the principle of inspiring creativity while making the learning process more intuitive, interactive and exciting.

We are very excited at how the Smart dashboard will help revolutionise online learning.

December 2018 – How to Shoot Feature

Launching a brand new Smart Dash feature. How to shoot. A collection of images with guides on how to achieve the same look in your imagery.

Just choose the image from our gallery to see vital photography and camera settings plus a look into the different photographic rules used.

January 2019 – New Diploma Format

A new way to learn. In January 2019 Smart will introduce Smart Diplomas. Skill specific photography diplomas with detailed learning objectives.

Simply enrol on a degree to sign up. Work through the modules to earn your diploma in that specific photography skill set.

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