Here at Smart we welcome new students through the door each and every day. Our online learning platform was created by award-winning photographers and is the perfect companion for your photography journey.

We are very proud of the community of photography students we have built up over the years. At the same time, we really appreciate what they have to say about their experiences of our course. Receiving feedback on our online photography learning platform helps us to improve and maintain the high standards that we have set for ourselves.

Our course is available to prospective students all over the world and appeals to beginner photographers right through to professionals.

Below is a selection of reviews from our current students as well as people that have graduated from the course.

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What a brilliant course! The skills I have learnt over the last few months have allowed me to create some beautiful images. I am grateful that the course has helped me develop my skills.

What I really like about Smart is that I can submit my photos to the mentors and they give me advice on how I could improve. You know when you ask your mum if your photo is great? and she says ‘yes it’s beautiful…’ well, the mentors give you an answer which is more constructive and helps you improve. I love this feature as I think it’s a great way to get better photos. Being a student I also got a discount on my course and it was worth every cent! – Jocyln
I signed up to Smart because I was after some advice on how to improve my wedding photography and business. The mentors were really helpful and helped me see the wood for the tree and I am now really happy with where I am with my wedding business. You can tell the mentors know what they’re talking about especially when it comes to weddings. – Alan
This course has been brilliant every step of the way. It has taught me valuable skills and improved my photography tenfold. I would highly recommend.

Photography is my main hobby and I take my camera with me everywhere I go. Learning photography from the ground up was a really fun experience and I love seeing how far I have come. The course is really easy to navigate and understand and I can see why it is so popular and attracts so many students to its online forum. Receiving a certificate at the end of the course was a real bonus and makes me feel so happy that my passion for photography has been taken so far. I found the mentors’ advice invaluable and would recommend that anyone considering signing up does so right away. –
Joining Smart was single-handedly the best thing I did in pursuing my photography career. From learning the basics of photography to developing my own style, everything that Smart taught me has helped when building my own studio. The post-graduate business sessions were a huge help when looking for support on starting my own photography business.-

Really impressed so far with how easy it is to use the course and how much I am learning!
Roughly halfway through and loving it so far. Each module is so in depth and Tom, my personal tutor has helped out a lot! –

When I started I knew absolutely nothing about photography but since joining I have really been able to learn lots of new skills. I am doing it mainly for enjoyment but getting to practice some of the lessons I have learnt so far and see how I have improved is really rewarding.

I have always admired photography from afar and never thought it was a skill I could master. Whilst I still consider myself to be an amateur I have learnt so much already from the Smart team and the amazing course. My photos are improving each time I go out and explore with my camera. The main thing the course taught me was that you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on your equipment but instead concentrate on working with what you’ve got. I shoot with a Canon 1000d but no one knows that when they see my finished photo and I am always getting compliments in the photography forum. If you are thinking about joining a photography course then Smart has everything you need.
My partner purchased this course for me for my birthday along with a Nikon D550. It is now a year later and I am very happy with how my photography has progressed over that time. Joining the course also gets you access to the photography forum which I found really useful. Having other people give you constructive critique is one of the best ways to learn in my opinion. The course itself was really informative and helped me to gain an understanding of all my DSLR’s features. I think if you are just starting out then having a course to work through like this can give you great motivation to continue taking pictures.
Easily the most in-depth and rewarding course out there. With so many great members. End of Module quizzes and hundreds of additional resources, I would recommend Smart to anyone. –